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Agate Sunset
Kispiox Mountain
Agate Night Lights
Agate Beach Sunrise
Big Brother
9 Mile Flowers
Kleanza Creek
9 Mile Sunset
Above the Skeena
Haida Gwaii Gems
In the Mountains
Stormy Days
Denman Island Morning Call
Winter is Coming
Lighting the Storm
Just a Trickle
Pentz Lake Summers
Keeping Hidden
Adventures at Gunsight
Along the Skeenacrossing
Looking for Treats
Where the Trappers Live
Trust Rod
Whirling Around
Ksan Smiles
Dawn Patrol
Sombria Storms
Winter Months - Roche
As Far as the Eye can See
Denman Mornings
Wet Forests
Nanaimo Exploring
Sled Valley
For you with Love
Like Glass
Moonlit Reflections
Jaun de Fuca
Starry Nights
Camping Fun
Morning Sesh
Leaf Creations
The Great Bear Rainforest
Oh Canada
Fire in the Sky
Fishy Tails
Fresh Mist
Kalum Stars
Night Night Roche
Stacking Up
Stack Up BW
Cold Waters
Looking for the Guys
Crashing Waves
Above it All
Scoping Things Out
As the Night Flies
9 Mile Evenings

"If you we give up exploring that which is around us how are we to expect it to be there in future generations to come?"


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